Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm home, swollen, temporarily disfigured but none the worst for wear. The surgeon was in to see me this morning before I was discharged. I commented that I was still quite swollen - he said with the work he did that I should have been swollen up like a football. The fact that I had so little swelling was fantastic. He said I looked "fantastic" - his words not mine - not sure I'd go quite that far but whatever! I will be taking progress pictures which I may or may not share. I'm afraid some people may never let me live them down and they will come back to haunt me. We'll see....

The meds they gave me were good, very good, and I've had really very little pain and very little need for the meds. The operation went well and was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be so it's all good. I'm still alive and while not quite my "sassy" self, I intend to be back in full form again very soon.


Kitchen Sinks said...

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Sandy said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit. . I hope to have some new art up later this week so hope to see you again soon.