Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yesterday we played a round of golf at Taquitz Creek Resort. It was a lovely day for golf and K and I were reasonably pleased with our scores at the end of the round. After a cold beer, we headed off to Lumpy's. We talked to a gentleman there about K's problems using her dad's driver. Turns out it will be very difficult for her to hit it well because it's a stiff shaft designed for someone who is a power hitter - which my husband was. Long story short, I bought her a new ladies Taylor Made driver, 5 wood and 7 wood. She has really taken to the game of golf and she needs the right equipment. She was surprised and pleased to have these new clubs. We traded in DH's old driver, 3 and 5 woods. I got very little for them but have no use for them so no sense in keeping them. I was able to put the amount of the trade in on the new clubs so it's all good.

This is an early birthday gift - her birthday is April 18th - but I thought she might as well have them now since we're here and playing golf. We play again tomorrow so we're looking forward to some improvement in her game.

The weather this last several days has been great, perfect for playing golf. Just not so great for lying around the pool. Today started out well but then clouded over with sporadic sun so I didn't get any pool time. My only remaining opportunity for pool time is Saturday so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's a good day!

Must run as I'm going to lie down for awhile and watch some of my decorating shows. Then at 4 pm we'll watch the Canada / Russia game. Go Canada!

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