Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our trip is winding down and we're just starting into our last week in Paradise. This time of the trip always makes me a little sad as I know our time here is coming to an end soon. SIL has invited us to join her and her husband in Barbados next January, however we haven't committed one way or the other. We'll need to sit down and discuss it. We're both creatures of habit and we really enjoy Palm Springs. However, Barbados is beautiful and would be a nice change. We'll see. Decisions, Decisions.

Both K and I are missing our "girls" - Socks, Kirby and Daisy. Even though our neighbour is taking good care of them, we feel badly for leaving them for so long. T says they're lonely and that Daisy, the newest addition to the family (10 months old) is the official greeter. Daisy comes running to the door to greet her and meows up a storm every time she goes over to feed them. Socks is still hissing at her every time she comes in - big surprise that ! I expect that Daisy and Kirby (who is our gorgeous maine coone cat) will be ecstatic to see us. Socks, not so much - she'll give us "the tail", meaning she is not pleased - for the first little while. Then the three of them will swarm us and we'll be subjected to mass cuddles and kisses. I can hardly wait!

My SIL left for Ottawa yesterday so it's just K and I here now. We thoroughly enjoyed SIL's visit and hope she enjoyed her trip as well. Now it's just the two of us for the remainder of the trip and we'll enjoy the wind down prior to going home. Today will be a day spent by the pool and tomorrow we'll golf again.

The weather here has cooled down a bit - the last couple of days it's been mid to high 70's instead of high 80's and 90's. The weather has been perfect for golfing - not too hot and with a little breeze. Regardless of the variation in the temperature it has been fabulous weather and we are thoroughly enjoying the pool and backyard.

Well must go - I hear the pool calling my name. Caio!


Julie said...

Hi, Just came upon your blog by clicking the "next blog" button and thought you might like to look at mine. I'm an artist and I've started giving tips everyday as I used to be an art teacher for 11 years. My blog is Come visit me. I really liked your red umbrella poem. You're very clever and it made a lot of sense. By the way-we sure are enjoying watching the Olympics in your wonderful part of the world. We had the 2002 Olympics here in my city, Salt Lake and it was fabulous. Your countryside is so gorgeous in British Columbia!

Sandy said...

Hi Julie

Thanks for stopping by and for the nice wordz about my blog.

I'm currently using a verizon stick while in Palm Springs - it's costing me a fortune and I'm running out of bandwith. Once I get home at the end of the month I'll swing by and check out your blog.

As for the Olympics, I'm glad to ber here instead of at home - I really don't have a lot of interest in the Olympics. The few things that are of interest to me, I watch on tv. I have to say coverage here in the US is not great. But Vancouver sure looks good when there is coverage.

Will check in with your blog in a few days. Thanks for stopping by.