Friday, January 22, 2010

Things have been very hectic the last few weeks. My arthritis had been bad and became even worse in the last few weeks. I was in major pain last week and ended up at the Emergency department at our local hospital Sunday morning. The pain was quite different and I was convinced that I had broken a bone.

After a fairly long wait, they sent me for x-rays. The doc came back and informed me that I had "quite significant amount of arthritis" in that knee. He said it had really progressed since my last x-ray about a year ago. He prescribed me some arthritis meds to help with the pain and stop if from progressing, we hope He has also referred me for physio.

I'm not really all that surprised that I have arthritis as my dad has a serious case of it so I guess it's to be expected. In some ways I'm relieved that now I know what is causing the pain. I was also glad that I actually had something wrong with me as I was afraid they would tell me it was all in my head.

The count down is on for Palm Springs. Woooohooo! We finally hired someone to take over my old job and I'm busy training her. I'm also trying to deal with some of the backlog before I go so that she isn't totally stressed out at being left with all this work. Unfortunately it cannot be helped - the backlog is the result of the position being empty for 14 months and us never being able to catch up because we don't have enough staff. Anyway, I'm feeling much less stressed than I was a few days ago now that there will be someone in the office in my absence.

The sunshine, the pool, a good book and some adult bevvies are looking pretty good right now! Only 6 more sleeps!

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chumly said...

My friend just got back from Arizona and the weather out there was so good he did not feel pain once.