Monday, June 15, 2009

The weather here on the Coast has been fabulous! It's still warm but not as hot as the 36 degrees last week. With it cooling down at night, it's much nicer to sleep so that's a good thing.

My garden is thriving. I had a last minute idea to plant some veggies but that didn't pan out, basically because I was too darn lazy! Hopefully I'll be better prepared next spring and can do it then. I finally put my hummingbird feeder out and the little buggers are eating me out of house and home. I make my feed really, really sweet and they just gobble that down. I swear it's crack for hummingbirds. I love watching them and half the time you only hear them as they buzz around, darting here and there. Then you'll hear the little chirping sound they make, usually when they feel their territory is being infringed upon by another hummer. Definitely one of God's little miracles.

I have been doing some art but not as much as I'd like. I really want to work in my visual journal on a more regular basis. I never seem to have enough time or perhaps more to the point, I don't use my time efficiently. Lately, I just seem to be tired all the time. Not sure if that is still part of the grieving process or what it is. I just find that after the 2 hours round trip commute and the 9 hour workday, I am usually dead tired by the time I get home at night. Not too energetic, that's for sure. I love the job and really don't mind the commute but man I could sure use more time off. However, there is so much good stuff happening with the job that I really do feel guilty even saying a peep about being tired.

Well must run. I do have some cards to post but will do that another time. I'd like my next post to be a photo or perhaps another page in my visual journal. We'll see.

Oh, Big Fat Woooohoooo. The new Golden Ears Bridge across the Fraser from Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge to Langley/Surrey is finally finished. It took about 3 1/2 years to complete and it opens at midnight tonight so I get to take it to work tomorrow. Those in "the know" say it will save 40 minutes off the commute. Is that round trip I wonder? Probably. It will save me a ton of time so I'm very excited about it! Let's just hope I don't get lost!

Must run. Caio!

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