Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It has been a very hectic couple of days for me. Saturday night my husband was admitted to ERH. He was suffering from deep chest pains and was having trouble breathing. They kept him overnight and he saw the cardiologist on Sunday afternoon and was admitted to the MCU (Monitored Care Unit).

The cardiologist is fairly certain that he did not have a heart attack - yet! However, she believes that he has some kind of blockage in his artery. He was kept in and today he is being taken to another local hospital to have an angiogram. If they find a blockage and it's not too severe, they will also do an angioplasty. If the blockage is too severe, then he would be looking at a bypass of some kind. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they find a small blockage. If it comes back clear then that raises a whole host of questions as to what caused his pain?

My husband is a smoker - sorry, was, a smoker. The cardiologist read him the riot act about smoking and insisted, with my support, that he stop smoking immediately. She wouldn't even let him go outside for a last puff before sticking the patch on him. It was really quite humourous to see this big tough guy whining and coaxing, trying to get his way. The nurses were wonderful - he wasn't happy about not being able to smoke and he wasn't happy about being held in the hospital - one of them told him "suck it up, princess"! Hilarious.

Will keep you posted on his progress!

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