Saturday, September 08, 2007

I managed to get through the week and still hold on to the tiny shred of sanity I still have left. Husband was released from hospital on Thursday after having completed a battery of tests. He had an angiogram on Thursday and that came back clear. No blockages at all which was very good news. He came out of the hospital none the worse for wear except for an eye infection which was pretty gross looking.

The cardiologist is sending him for a couple of more tests just to make sure eveything is ok and then he's all done. He's back smoking for the next week or so as he has a boys weekend planned but has promised me he will start his smoking cessation meds when he comes back next weekend.I've made my feeling clear and that's the end of it.....I will not fight with him about this!

He is off work this block, and took next Friday off as well as he is up in Kamloops for a golf tournament. I've also booked some time off as I have several days to burn off thatI can't carry over to next year. I'm soooo looking forward to some down time that I can devote to art!


Deb M in BC :) said...

My father had open heart surgery, had quit smoking for about a year, and is now smoking again. So foolish and frustrating.

Sandy said...

Hi Deb

I know, I know. I try to be understanding and patient. He says he's starting his anti-smoking perscription tomorrow. I'm trying to think good thougths.