Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is my second 30 Minute Collage. I'm very pleased with it and it was a lot of fun to do. I'm really enjoying doing these little projects; they are so quick to complete.
I used Aquarelle watercolour crayons and did a splatter technique on the notebook. The brush bristles would become saturated with whatever colour I was using so when that happened, I just dabbed the colour off on the paper and re-wet the brush. Once I had all the colour I wanted on the paper, I went back with a wet brush and stippled and spread the colour and/or added to it. I am really happy with the mottled result.
Once the paper was dry, I overstamped it and then added some butterfly stickers and some expoxy stickers from my sticker supply. I have so much stuff in my stash and it's fun to finally be able to use it instead of hoarding it. This could become addictive!

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Anonymous said...

nice collage. I need to work on the 30 minute thing. I'm a byhandartists person. Keep up the good work!