Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The New Year is in full swing ! The weather here on the coast has turned a little ugly; the January monsoons have arrived again so it's cold and damp and miserable. Probably a lot more miserable if you were living on the streets. Funny, don't know why but I find myself thinking about the street people a lot lately. It's got to be very tough out there!

On a cheerier note, I'm counting the days - 26 to be exact - until we go on our annual Palm Springs vacation. Last year we were by ourselves for 2 weeks and the brother-in-law and his wife joined us for 2 weeks. This year, they are coming for the full month. A third couple, whom I have never met but whom husband and brother-in-law know, will be joining us for about 3 weeks. Same house, just a couple of weeks earlier this year. Iwould have preferred to go for the month of March but the conscensus was for February so that's when we go. I can understand that the others want to go earlier as January and February in Ottawa can be quite hateful - cold weather, blizzards - who wouldn't rather be in Palm Springs? Let's just hope the weather cooperates for us.....I'll pray to the weather gods!

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