Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's weird - I would never had thought it was 2 weeks already since I posted to my blog. Lord, how time flies!!

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me. I've spent the last several days making cards for the Open house at one of the stores. I had taken the time off so I could get prepared without getting stressed. So ask me if that worked for me. Well, not so much! As usual I ended up behind the eight ball. I only had to pull a half-nighter instead of an all-nighter. Big surprise that. Anyway, I got everything done and still managed to keep my mind so all is well.

I had a really nice thing happen to me on Sunday. I had been out all day Saturday so hadn't really spent much time on the computer. I came down on Sunday to a message from an organizer from a prestigious craft show in the area. She had seen my cards in the shop and loved them. She was contacting me to invite me to participate in the upcoming event at the end of November. Bear in mind that this "invitation" does requiree the purchase of a table, for a hefty price, but it is an invitatioon, nonetheless. This event is juried so it is considered to be a serious event with a requirement of good quality art. I provided her with a website where she could view more of my greeting cards. She has since contacted me a second time that she feels my work is something they want at their event and that they would love to have me there.

My first reaction was to decline the invite and then I gave my head a very quick shake. This is a very classy event and the exposure will be wonderful for me so I'd have to have rocks in my head to decline the invitation. It's an excellent opportunity to get my name out there and hopefully I'll make some new contacts. After all it is all about networking and this should be a perfect opportunity to do that! So it looks like I will be sending my cheque in as soon as I get the paperwork. Now that I've committed to the event, I have a ton of work to do to prepare for it.

A friend is helping me design some new business cards and I have to think about packaging and how I will display my cards. Expected attendance for this event is 2500 to 3000 people over 2 days so I have to come up with some new designs and try to figure out how many cards, journals and gift tags to take with me. Also I need to decide about signage.

I must admit I am so very flattered and tickled pink to have this opportunity. Busy, busy , busy!!!

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