Sunday, August 24, 2014

A quick update

The last several weeks have been challenging.

My dad, who is 89, has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung and spine cancer.
He was admitted to the hospital  3 weeks  ago and they've given him 2 weeks
to 2 months to live.

I'm now back in Ottawa with the rest of the family to spend what time he has
left with him.  He knows what's happening and all his affairs are in order. He
had a couple of good days when we first arrived, which is what usually
happens  just before the final decline.

He's getting the very best care available and the team caring for him
are wonderful.  There's nothing more that can be done for him except
make him as comfortable as possible. Thankfully they have his meds
managed correctly so he's not in any pain .  He's ready and he just wants
to get it over with!  It's hard on all of us, watching him get weaker and
weaker.  We just want him to pass quickly and peacefully.

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