Saturday, September 22, 2012

Christmas designs

Already I'm hearing "only 100 days til Christmas".  OMG, let's not start with that already!

I'm working on samples for the store. I should have had these done long ago, however, I only seem to work well under pressure ! What can I say? Anyway, here are a couple of my new designs for Christmas.

On the home front, things are going well here. My office is moving in mid-February and the craziness of preparation for the relocation is starting to ramp up. But before that there are several other things to get through.

On Wednesday I'm off to visit family. My dad will be 88 in March, his wife is 89 and they are still living in their own home. Dad refuses to move into assisted living, which BTW is making my brother crazy! Both parents' health is failing but Dad is sooooo stubborn and crusty that he's just dug his heels in about moving.

Anyway, I digress. DD left last Wednesday to spend some time with him and I'm off on Wednesday to visit for a week. I'll stay with my brother as it's too much for those old people for us to stay with them. Then of course there are some other visits I need to make while there. Lord knows they won't be around forever, so I want to go back because I want to not because I have to for a death or illness.

I haven't done much journalling lately. I have several works in progress, but nothing finished yet. I think my problem is I make it waaaaaayyy too complicated.   It is what it is!

Caio !

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Karen said...

Hi Sandy. I came by your blog from CST. I love your Christmas card that you have displayed. It has lots of white space which draws your eye to the sentiment. I really like the ribbon, its very different.

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Have a great day