Sunday, June 29, 2008

I've been away from my blog for far too long - I'm back now and will focus on getting some new work up here.

My life has undergone a total change - I went from being happily married for 35 years to being a widow overnight. It's been a very difficult time for my DD and I but we're finally beginning to feel like we're coming out the other side. It will be 4 months on Wednesday, but we still feel his calm presence with us.

I've started a new job and it's wonderful. It is such a refreshing change from my previous position; I feel valued, supported and respected and I'm enjoying the challenge of learning new things and spreading my wings.

DD has resigned her position at her workplace as well and is searching for new employment. Her workplace environment was just too toxic and emotionally draining for her! She's done so well since her Dad died - she's also spread her wings. She has matured and blossomed and has been my rock and my support as well as a wonderful friend to me. I know her Dad would be so pleased!

I've cut back on my cards for the store and will be focusing on wedding cards and Christmas cards for this year. I don't have the time I had when I worked my other job but I quite enjoy the creative process of wedding cards and would like to keep that up. Hopefully, by limiting myself to 2 design lines, I will be more productive, less stressed and more focused. The last thing I want to do is to compromise the quality of the product I produce.

I've joined a new swap and am looking forward to creating some 30 minute collages. I hope to have some new art to show you soon.

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