Friday, November 23, 2007

There's been a lot going on so haven't posted much art lately. We've had the requisite number of crises and catatstrophes at work - lots of drama and noise - but things seem to have settled down now for the short term. I've been laid up sick with a lousy cold - I guess that's what happens when you brag about not falling victim to a bad cold for years....the cold god decides to pay you back!

I'm still working on some art to post - hopefully later this afternoon as I'm finishing up some projects that I've fallen behind in completing. Hopefully I'll be able to get thoses worked out and posted later this afternoon.

In the meantime, here's an ATC I did for the Stampington ATC swap over on CCSwaps. The background paper is a scrap of paper towel that was under my paper when I was making my painted acrylic backgrounds. I thought it was too nice to throw away so I kept it to use and luckily it came in handy here. It has bits of gold paint, which probably don't show up that well on the scan, but it's quite pretty when you view it in person. The down side is that because the paper was textured, the stamped imaged isn't as dark as I would have liked it .

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